Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Nobody's into the resolutions yet. I get it.

My *(finger quote) let's have some interaction on this blog (finger quote)* didn't work.

Maybe this idea is "before it's time"? You know what that means?
In the food biz, "before it's time" is a nice way of saying "crap idea".

But I'm going to tell you my resolutions anyway.
Because it's my blog.
And because I love talking about myself, that's why.

Here are the resolutions I'm considering:
  • I need to be a better friend. Currently? I'm a very lazy friend. If I happen to see you every day? We're best friends. If not? I still love you like crazy, but we'll catch up when I see you next. Because I am that lazy.....don't take it personally. Well - hello?? I know how wrong that is! Luckily, most of my pals don't seem to mind. But I've lost touch with a lot of really nice people because of my laziness. This resolution, should I choose to implement it, will be the most likely to fail. Just being honest. I would resolve to call 3 friends a week and have a "play date" once a month. I got this idea because I've connected with a few people via Facebook and it's made me realize how much I miss some of my friends. I'm a way better blogging buddy than friend in real life. And I'm really not that great of a blogging buddy, so that's not saying much, is it? Oh- and Lisa? You need to get on Facebook. Everyone's doing it.
  • Exercise 3 times a week. Ever since I married Zuddy and had the Noodle? I just can't seem to make this a habit. So I think if I formally resolve to do this? It will work. Baby steps. I think I can make this one work.
  • Take more photos. And then actually get them developed. I was loading some photos of the Noodle onto my Facebook page and I loaded all of the ones I had. And there aren't that many. And there aren't many of Zuddy or me at all. We need to change that for the Noodle.
Okay, so there they are.

Now. I've got 2 house tours on deck: a fixer upper (oh my. It's pretty bad. But I see an awful lot of potential there) and a beauty. Which one do you want to see?


Dawn said...

Bring on the fixer upper!!!

Resolution: Stop watching so much TV in 09, and watch my boys grow up instead. That won't come back with re-runs. ;)

Michelle said...

I'm feeling a little guilty about not being into resolutions. Because yours are really good--very well thought out and all about improving your quality of life in line with what's important to you. I think mine always failed because they were along the lines of "I want to get into size X jeans". So I'll think about making a resolution or two this year and get back to you.

You know I'm all about the fixer-upper. And there's your *(finger quote) let's have some interaction on this blog (finger quote)*! You know we're all waaaaay too opinionated (in a good way) about houses to keep quiet.

Sarah said...

Fixer upper!

I like Dawn's resolution too. I want to be a better reader to my kids at bedtime. I want to get away from the rush rush and spend quality reading time with them before bed/

Did I say fixer upper?

And, your resolutions are good :)

Word verification: boutizat Hmmmmm?

Sarah said...

Ok. Just for the record.... after I left my first comment, the page refreshed and now my word verification IS:



Anonymous said...

Great Resolutions!!!.....I'm just not a resolution kind of girl I guess.

Do we have to pick just one? :P

Rhonda from Minnesota

Suzy said...

Fixer upper please! Please oh please!

Janet said...

Both please.


Your polite friend, Janet

Lisa said...

Im so sorry I ruined your resolution buzzzzz. Im just not down with it"yet" But, still...Im stewin on it,sista..

I totally want to see the fixer, you know me. Me and the big V will be over to flip it..ha ha ha HAAAA!
didnt work so well the first time, eh..

Facebook, Im skeeeerrrd, Marty. REEEL SKEEERD. so everybodys doin it? Maybe I could find more time to waste. WE.Will.See

Martha said...

Dawnie?? Is that you? Where've you been all my life?? Hope you're doing well!

And thanks for the kudos on the resolutions, but we all know what the elephant in the room is here, don't we?
My blog-stalking problem. Which is morphing into my facebook stalking problem. Which directly contributes to my inability-to-lose-the-almost-nine-year-old-baby-weight-problem and my I'm-too-tired-to-read-too-my-kid-because-I-woke-up-at-4am-to-blog-problem. So Micaela and Sarah? I'm with you girls, I'm with you.