Wednesday, December 3, 2008

House Tours!!!!

Did you see that? I said, "house tours" with an "s" - plural.

Because that good girl, Janet, asked so nicely. That Janet.... she's such a nice girl. Janet? I'll bet you were a real goody-goody in your school days, weren't you? Kidding. I need to go visit Janet.

So here's the fixer-upper people. It's a 2 bedroom, 1 bath home with 1223 sq. feet of living space.

It's 8 blocks away from the grocery shop where the people with the smelly heads shop - so totally within walking distance. It's a really great little neighborhood. And?

It's only $164,720.39! I'm kidding about the 39 cents. But that number is a little strange. Janet? Why would someone pick a number like that? (For those of you who don't know Janet, she's a Realtor out on the East Coast).

So here she is! A little Dutch Colonial. I love Dutch Colonials, don't you? I have a thing for dormers. I think we could do a lot with that little portico there, don't you? And she definitely needs a new roof.

Okay. Here's where things get a little gross. The living room. Specifically the living room carpet. Oh I know, I know. You and I will just rip it up when we buy it, but if I were selling this house, I would rip it up myself before I put it on the market.

I've always wanted a fireplace. We could beef up that mantel, couldn't we?

Sure. Let's get a shot of that dirty carpet. Blech! The living room is 22x12. I would kill for a living room that size.

Dining room. 12x14. I'd ask them for the table. It's cute.

Okay. Here's where I throw up in my mouth a little bit. Those cabinets are so. gross. The kitchen is 12x12. So really, in my world, that's a pretty good size. I could make that work.

The bathroom. Really, it's not as bad as the kitchen, in my opinion.

One of the upstairs bedrooms. There are only 2 and they are 16x14 and 12x14.

Goah. I love dormers. I know this photo shows absolutely nothing, but it's utter p*rn for a house lover, isn't it?

The back of the house.

What do you think about that one?

House #2. This photo of the front of the house is really small. Sorry. I don't know why.

This house is near one of the fabulous lakes in Minneapolis. I've talked about why I don't generally cross the river to show you houses. But I can't help myself.
the river.

This one is in a great neighborhood by 'the lakes' . It's really close to some great shopping and restaurants. You want to live here. Trust me. You do.

This house has 3 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. does. 5 bathrooms.

It's got about 3500 square feet of living space for about $1.7 million dollars.

Oh, I know, I know. It's a bit pricey. But it's so Caaaaayyyyyyyuuuuuuuttttttaahhhhhh!!!! (translation: it's cute.)

And I want to tell you: It's not easy to find a cute, casual, cottagey house in this price range and in this neighborhood.
So quit your complaining about the price. I worked hard to find this one for you. Don't be so ungrateful.

Again. Sorry about the tiny photo.

The entry way. I heart that chandy.

Here's the dining room looking into the living room. Dining room is 16x13. Again the chandelier. Love it.

Another shot of the dining room.

Hello gorgeous. 14x15.

Family room 19x15.

The master. It's 19x15.

Look at this porch. So cute.

One of the bedrooms. Love the windows.

Another Family room! I think this one is in the basement.

Feedback? Anyone?


Michelle said...

The fixer-upper has total charm and possibility, but it makes me so sad that no one thought to rip out that carpet and throw some fresh paint on the walls. Even a teeny, tiny partial staging effort would have brought the price tag up on that house by (I really don't have any idea what I'm talking about, but I'm just guessing) about $10k. So much better for those who can see past the gross factor, but come on--WHY would the realtor not frame that photo of the living room fireplace better to crop out that nasty carpet?!

The Lakes house is, of course, gorgeous. The master bedroom, with its amazing windows and built-ins, gives me palpitations. And the ceilings in the master and porch! I'm going to need a beta blocker. I love that they painted the ceiling yellow to highlight the exposed beams and ceiling fan. My one nit-picky little comment? The stager really needed to put a television in the family room. That wall is obviously where the TV would go, and it just looks weird to have that painting there--or at least it should be lower, right? I'm not even that big on watching TV, but that's the primary purpose for having a family room, right? Maybe they're making a social statement because it is a little sad that the family room is primarily used for such a mindless activity, but it looks conspicuously absent. And I'm shutting up now.

Lisa said...

Michelle, I wish so damn bad youd get a blog, sista!!!!

Marty girl, that fixer has sooo many possibilities!! Loved it!I especially loved the way they staged the diningroom, that table makes all the difference, eh?

Now, across the river? as you put it, this could make me want to move! Alas, the price tag..That master is to die for..

I really should do a house tour of my area, you all would certainly FREAK OUT!!! the prices here are stupid cheap..
alright, Im doing it.

Im such a copy cat. ME-ow!

Jodi said...

I loooooovvvveeeee the second one. Definitely putting those pictures in my Cute House folder.

The first one definitely has a whole lot of disgusting but I would have so much fun dreaming up a remodel. As long as someone else would come in and do all the work. For free. Obviously.

Sarah said...

Um. The second house is to.die.for.

MIchelle? Your comment makes me dizzy. I don;t think I could put that long of a coherent thought together even if I tried. Get a blog.

Martha? I am SO GLAD you are back in the blog saddle.

And? If it makes you feel any better. I am addicted to FB and have 3 + more more pregnancy weight to lose. I am

Gordostyle said...

Um. Yeah. I want the 2nd one. Paid for, of course, by someone else. :o)


Dawn said...

Ok, so yanno how you are walking along in the supermarket (is that what you guys call it up there? down here, we just generically call everything "the store") and you see some dude with some really funky things in his cart, and you glance quickly and can NOT for the life of you figure out why he needs tin foil, 4 boxes of baggies, 2 cans of whipped cream, a bag of celery and some Capn' Crunch... then you realize you are stalking him, err, I mean following him all over the store to watch what else he will put in that buggie that might connect the dots as to what. in. the. HELL. he is doing???

Thats what that fixer upper was for me.... I can't stop trying to picture WHICH little old lady lived there, what her favorite color was (because the clues lead me to VARIOUS colors) and what kind of perfume from 1948 she still wore.

Didja get all that? ;)

Thanks for the tour, love them.

Martha said...


Get a blog, Michelle!!! I know you *think* you only have work things to talk about, but you DON'T. I mean, really, I don't talk about work much at all....if I did I'd get fired. I only bring it up if I think it will interest you guys.

Lisa? BRING IT ON! I'd love to see some house tours from ya'll.

Jodi - saw you on facebook. Let's be friends, k?

Jen from Gordostyle! Good to see you again! I'll pop by for a visit!

Dawnie? Ha haaaaa! You make me laugh. And I was thinking about how anyone who knew the old lady living in that house should be ashamed of themselves for letting her live like that. I only hope she had no children. Because if she did, they were horrible, horrible children and didn't take care of their Mommy. Or maybe if she did have children? She was a horrible, horrible Mommy and deserved to live like that? I've thought a lot about this. Because I live such an important life.

Kari said...

Oh wow! That 2nd house - I love the kitchen (I've always wanted a kitchen with windows over the sink), and totally love that porch. It's all just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

Lori E. said...

I love that you do house tours, because I love looking at houses. Loved the 1.7 Mil. house, and I am looking at the pictures for ideas to steal. However, the first house has more character and it has the possibility of being something special. The kitchen will however take some TIME!!

Suzy said...

In my major naiveté I had assumed the "fixer-upper" was "fixed up." Although it was pretty cool to see the before pics I simply have no idea what I would do with it. I'm not gifted that way. I'd probably paint something black and throw a rug on top of everything and call it a day. Yikes.

Barb said...

The first house is a diamond in the rough. I'm sure there's hardwood under that icky carpet, so why don't they rip it up?! Why, why, why?! And slap some neutral paint over the pink? The little built it is darling, though. And the house has nice moldings. The kitchen is to die for (HA! Just seeing if you were paying attention.) What I mean to say is the kitchen could kill you. :-) Overall, I think this house has potential for the right buyer.

The second house. What's not to love? The stairway, the porch, the master. And, yes, the location. I believe you when you say I want to live there.

Nice job, Martha, on the house tours. I enjoyed them, as always.

Stephanie said...

Shoot! I was already to start packing up our stuff - then I went back and read the price on that second house. Sigh. Guess we have to keep working on this place!