Thursday, December 18, 2008


1. Man. I just finished testing the best little cookbook!
I mean it: THE. BEST.
I try not to talk too specifically about work on here - unless I think it would be terribly interesting to my friends, the Internets.
I do that so I won't - you know - get FIRED.
But this cookbook is soooo good. When it comes out in the spring/summer I'll let you know. It's all chicken.
And it's delicious and perfect.

2. It's been very cold here. It took me 1 1/2 hours to get to work on Tuesday. I was LIVID. Because the roads were perfectly clear and drivable. And my commute is normally 20 minutes.

3. Then? It took me another 1 1/2 hours to get home and I even left work early! I was kind of expecting that because it started snowing and roads weren't that great. I left at 2:30 pm.

4. I have no right to complain because my pal Colleen's hubby drives the same route as me and it took him 3 hours to get home.

4. Then Noodle had her very first strings concert Tuesday night. She was so excited. We live 10 minutes (about 5 miles) from her school and it took us 30 minutes to get there. Something we didn't know?
Was it was a BAND concert as well.
So we had to sit through that too.
The kids did great, so I don't mean to complain, but I'm sure you can feel my pain when I tell you that the band would play a simple song together. Then? EACH PERSON in the band would play the same song solo.
Then the band would play the song together again.
And there were two bands.
Each playing 3-4 selections apiece.
And I was on the road for 4 hours of my day on Tuesday.
And I wanted to slit my wrists and drain my body of all of it's blood, but....

5. I can't because I HADN'T STARTED my Christmas shopping.

6. I started it yesterday. It took forever. And I picked up my Christmas photo cards, which look awful.
And that's my own fault for never taking pictures of my kid. Hence, my New Years resolution to take more photos.

7. I will go out again today and finish the shopping.

8. I made coffee yesterday morning and didn't put the pot in the coffee maker.
There was an entire pot of coffee dripping on the floor and filling the inside of one drawer and cupboard.

9. I made bacon omlettes for dinner last night. To streamline my bacon-making process, I made it in the oven.
Where all of the grease dripped from the broiler pan and all over the bottom my oven.
And the smell of bacon has permeated the house, furniture and all of our clothing.

10. Some guy I knew in the 7th grade asked me to be his friend on Facebook.
I thought, "Awww....that's so nice! He was always such a great guy! I wonder what he's up to?!"
So I wrote him a note asking him about himself.
And he sent me a note back saying he "couldn't quite place me" but he and Zuddy were friends in high school and to tell Zuddy "hello".



Suzy said...

Martha-you make me LAUGH my guts out! And it's only 7 am!!

I did the coffee pot thing once too. Then I switched to French Press, and to boil water I put my ELECTRIC kettle onto the stove and then melted electric kettle into the stovetop.

I've had firetrucks at my house. Twice. And for reasons other than the electric kettle incident.

I'm BOOKsmart okay?

The GG said...


Sarah said...

LOL! I love you Marty! The last FB thing made me laugh so hard!

Lisa said...

Youuuuz so funnay!
Bacon parfume? Id buy it, are the little doggies sniffin you all over the place because of your attractive scent?

The drawer coffee? Villa does it all the time around here, Just take the drawer out and pour it into your cup. It serves as breakfast, too..because of all the little tasty tidbits that are ALSO in the drawer, IE bread crumbs from toaster?

How could anyone not quite place YOU??? what a dork. YOU DA BEST FARTSTER!!

xoxo from the snowy cold beach!

Can you totally not wait to find out about baby fortner!!!GAAAAH!

Lisa said...

Uhhh, I really dont care how you feelzz about Christmas concerts, but you better get over and watch my boy. HEsgoood...reeeeel good.AND he wants you to hear him.

suzy may be a runner, but..a..hem. I think she may have a thing for firemen, ay? booksmart, yes..

Dawn said...

Add a number 11. Your friend in Dallas had a root canal this morning. Pain is a good change of perspective during such a stressful time of year. Hahaha.

PS. Message the Facebook guy back and tell him that Zuddy was your 6th husband, but that you are now divorced and then ask him if he wants to meet for drinks to reminisce (sp??) over the 7th grade....add a *wink wink* to it, then watch him remove you from his friends list in a FLASH. ;)

Barb said...

Oh man! That's caffeine abuse or something. Recently while making coffee, I dumped the grounds into the water in the carafe instead of the filter basket thing. Not quite as bad as your faux pas, but pretty absent-minded just the same. So I can relate.

Aren't little kid concerts the best?! I've sat through quite a few of them, and I always think the director deserves a medal for teaching them music. What a job.

Janelle said...

Jeez Louise! I hope Santa is awfully good to you, 'cause you deserve it after this week!

My personal feeling about school band music is that it will be the soundtrack in Hell should I be unfortunate enough to end up there. I can't imagine having to drive through snow like an old-time pioneer to have to listen to it!

Martha said...


Poor Dawnie!!! Ouch on the toothers!

Barb - Oh, sister. I, too, have put the grounds into the water resevior. What a freakin' mess. And the band director was actually a super-funny guy. So was the strings instructor. But it was just the day that WOULDN'T END. I got home at 8pm and went straight to bed, lest something else bad would happen to me.

Suzy - holy crap....that made me howl with laughter! I'm surprised we didn't have an oven fire. I'm such an A$$.

Lees, why didn't I think of using that coffee in the drawer?? I just dumped it out. Dang.