Thursday, December 4, 2008


1. Suzy from the Runs is running a marathon in Arizona in a few days. I can't stop thinking about her. And if you haven't already, you should pop by and give her some love. She wants to qualify for the Boston Marathon!!! I'm so impressed by her. She's a mom to 3 kids and a student. Plus, she's super funny. SUPER funny. And I don't even think she tries to be funny.

2. You all know I have a pretty serious problem: Facebook. And here's the problem: My new-old-best-friend Micaela would probably say my problem is that I keep sending her notes on Facebook and stalking her blog.
But that's not it.

Here's what the problem is for me. I'll go to, say...Micaela's friends list. If there's someone there who will let me look at their page? I will look at everything they have on their page. I'll look at their photos, ooh and aah over their kids. Then? I'll look at all their friends. And find someone there who will let me look at their page. Then I'll look at their photos, ooh and aah over their kids. Then? I'll look at their friends!
See? It's a hundred kinds of wrong. I know that. I mean first of all: get a freakin' life, Martha. You don't even know these people. Second? Well, there is no second. I should be painting furniture or stripping that final bit of wallpaper off my kitchen walls. Because:

3. It will be 2 years in March that I started my kitchen project. I've had 3 weeks off and frittered it away. And now I will be working for the next few months. I really need to get this done. The tile work won't be all that expensive. Mrs. Jones told me to get the cheapest tile out there and I think I will do that. Which is killing me because every once in a while I run across a photo where I see a beveled subway tile and I'm totally enamored with it. But that would be silly. In my blog-stalking travels, I've seen an interior designer whose trademark tile job is the herringbone design. Here's an image of the herringbone pattern will look like and a link to her blog:

Do you like that pattern? Do you think it will look okay in my kitchen? I'm going to go with a dark gray grout.

4. Can I tell you about my new-old-best-friend Micaela? Hi Micaela *i'm waving*! She has a blog called Striving Green. I love her blog because I'm always trying to more earth-friendly myself, though I'm not as organized as Micaela. I can't remember when I met Micaela...probably the 7th or 8th grade? We were band geeks together and she was always really funny and smart and cool. We had our 20th High School reunion over the summer - Zuddy and I didn't go, so I totally missed out on seeing her. But that darn Facebook brought us together again. Sigh. Have I mentioned Facebook before? No?
I heart Micaela.

5. The Noodle is really improving in school.
I brought her to work one day on my day off so I could have a colleague speak to her in Spanish and tell me if the she thought Noodle understood what she was saying.
My friend from work is named Livia and she's originally from Peru. She's fluent in English, Spanish and Inca, I think. AND she is THE most amazing cook in the world. Anyway. She took Noodle away into the back storage area to hunt for candy and had a conversation with her in Spanish. Noodle told her (in Spanish) that she only speaks Spanish at school or when she doesn't want her mom and dad to know what she's saying. Ha! Livia seemed really impressed with her Spanish and was just beaming telling us all about their conversation. Isn't that sweet? LIVIA was beaming and so proud of MY kid. So now I'M proud of my kid.
And? I've hired Noodle's BFF's Mom (Colleen) to work with her once a week on her math. Colleen is a teacher and is amazing - she is fluent in Spanish too. We've decided to go this route because Colleen will come to our house once a week to work with her for an hour. And she can teach math in Spanish, too. Which is ideal because, of course, math is taught in Spanish at Gracie's school. I feel really relieved. However, this is going to be expensive and it needs to come out my already inadequate weekly budget. Oh - Colleen tried to tell me not to pay her what Mathnasium charges, but I can't do that. She's a professional and worth every penny.

6. Boy this is getting to be a wordy post. But I've got a lot on my mind. And I'm going to puke it all out right here.

7. My brother Mike made the best turkey dinner for Thanksgiving! I don't think we even got into a fight the whole day! Amazing. Nope - I take that back. I heard him yell at his wife. Go back to last Thanksgiving to see an explanation of our totally functional family dynamics. Here is a photo of the Schmacker making apple pie on Thanksgiving morning:

I love this photo of him. When he concentrates really hard, the tongue comes out. He's done this since he was a baby.

8. Zuddy and I had a date on Tuesday. Zuddy took some vacation from work (which he never does) and we got in the car and drove to the tiny little town of Miesville to have a burger at Kings. If you are from the Twin Cities, you must go. Zuddy's been talking about it for ages. My brother Mike and sister Myrna love it. You MUST GO. They have a gazillion types of burgers there. Zuddy got one topped with corned beef. He also likes the one topped with egg and a hot dog. And the fries! Fries aren't really my thing unless they're very good.
Zuddy knows this and told me to order the seasoned waffle fries with the chive sour cream dipping sauce.
I told him, "Fries aren't really my thing."
He said, "Order the fries."
Those fries are my new thing.

Anyway, after lunch we drove around the small towns around there and looked at all of the houses. Makes me want to live in a small town. We spent hours just driving in a quiet car (no radio) and hanging out. It was great.

I told him to call me sometime and we could do it again **making the phone sign with my hand up to my ear and mouthing, 'call me'**
I think I like him, I don't know.
Next time we go out, I'm totally going to let him kiss me.
Oh gosh - I hope he calls. What if he doesn't? Oh, I'll just die. It's been two days and he hasn't called! Do you think he will? Maybe I should call him?

9. I'm going shopping and out to lunch with Kirst and MJ today. I can't wait.

10. I looked at my resolutions from last year. They were totally the same as this year. The only one I did well on was the reusable bags.

11. I start a new project at work tomorrow. That means no more obsessive blog and Facebook stalking.


Catholic Runner said...

I do the same thing with Facebook. I end up on someone's page and not even remember who I got there!

Dawn said...

You drove around in a car, unchaperoned on a first date?!?! We don't even know this Zuddy guy well enough for you to do that on the 2nd date!! *clicking tongue* I dont know about you.... nevertheless, I do think you should go out on a second date, just be more cautious next time!! ;)

I love FB too... I spend most of my time sticking my tongue out at the snobs from HS that wouldnt talk to me back then, and now are all fat, divorced, and acting like they are still 18. Makes my day. (Man, I'm a bad person, arent I?!?! haha)

jilly said...

Ha ha ha. . .there is our 6 degrees. . .I worked with Micaela on a project. She is very nice! TOO funny!

jilly said...

Hey Kings was on TCL today too, you are SO hip.

Suzy said...'re so sweet! Thanks!

Sarah said...

NOOOOOOOOOOO! I still need you blogging even though you work. MMMM k?

Striving Green said...

Martha - You are awesome! Wow, band. Sometimes I feel like that year (9th grade) didn't really happen. It's fun getting reacquainted!

Michelle said...

I love the herringbone tile pattern! And it will look fabulous with dark grey grout. We get pictures when you're done, right?

cityfarmer said...

hi there...just found you on my live feed...glad to meet ya...can we chat?

cityfarmer said...

oh yeah...FB rocks...lets hook up

cityfarmer said...
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Lisa said...

Uh, I totally wouldnt go with the herringbone pattern. Id do subway in the same tile. Sorry. I know. I think it would be too formal looking. Same grout tho, just different pattern sista! Consider it alright?

PLO said...

OMg...I am never gonna remember everything I wanted to say after I read that novel. I was hooked on facebook about a week. I kind of forgot about it, thanks a I am going to have to check it out. Why is it so imperitave that your child speaks Spanish? I must have missed something. We have a submersion program around here, and I think its that what you have? PS: don't give in and call him...ha ha.

Anonymous said...

HAHA> you crack me up! i just found your blog, and the kicker for me was you know janet. she is my friend, too! so now i'll be reading your blog and seeing how you do with the "issues", and how the "interactive"blog thing goes. you could have a worse sickness than fbstalking. i guess. i like the house snooping. never thought of it as the p-word, but hours do go by... anyway, isn't that the greatest little dutch colonial? is that a comfort house or what?? the colors are kind of a nightmare, but what fun doing it over might be. with some money from somewhere. if you've never had a dormer, then you just haven't lived! jkj

restyled home said...

Okay, a few words: It may seem like I have disappeared but I have been checking in...just incredibly lazy (i.e. no comments). Second, why am I not your facebook friend? Look me up!!

I miss you Martha!!