Thursday, May 7, 2009


I know I've been a total slacker in the blog department.

But, really.
There just hasn't been a thing going on here.

Well, except we've been "finishing" projects after that little world-wide-web outburst of mine.

Noodle's furniture is all painted, but there are still a few finishing touches to put on before I can give you actual photographic evidence of this completed task.

Next on the agenda is to paint the garage. (I know, I know. You were thinking, "tile that freakin' kitchen backsplash already!" Weren't you? Well, I want to get the garage painted before it gets too hot. Plus, I'm mulling over some beveled subway tiles vs. plain cheap ones.)

In the meantime, Noodle has had the audacity to turn another year older:

The nerve of that girl! Turning 9 before I've had the chance to lose this baby weight. Rude.

We've also been having playdates with Noodle's best friend Lily, who is a very intelligent little girl..........until we get finished with her. I swear, she drops a few IQ points every time she comes over to our house.

Let me illustrate:

And...there you go! Good times.

I've also been traveling a lot. San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Chicago and Boston again next week. I've wanted to visit with my internets in those towns, but I just haven't been able to juggle a visit and the meetings I need to attend.

Okay. I have a confession.

I can't stop thinking about painting my woodwork. Tell me to stop. Please. Tell me I can't do it before the kitchen gets finished.

Please. Help a sister out.

Ooo. One last thing: I haven't been keeping up with my blog-reading except for the blogs of my two expectant blogging mommies: Sarah and Cutzi. It's killing me. I want to see photos of sweet little babies. I'm thinking about you girls!!!


Suzy said...

Make sure you time another Boston trip for April 2010, riiiight around the Boston Marathon. Then we can meet!

Oh YEAH BABY I did it!

Noodle and Lily are SO CUTE! And innovative.

Cutzi said...

Love that Noodle!

But I love you more! And have missed you! I seriously was about ready to call you up and see if you still lived on the planet. I thought you might miss Xochi's birth! And we can't have a new baby around here without Aunt Martz around. It wouldn't be right.

I'll work on those bedroom pics... I'm a little slow on the project finishing around here too.

Glad to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've missed you! Glad to see you back. Were you traveling for work?

Happy bday to Noodle!

Michelle said...

I'm the worst cousin ever--tell Noodle happy belated birthday from me. I've missed you!

Sarah said...

Paint the trim...I think? White? I hate painting trim but I LOVE white you do what you want but that's my two cents worth. Cute blog!

Coastal Nest. said...

--you know me..Paint it!!
nice to see your around Fartster..
your little nine year old is a dolly!

Amy said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE white trim...however, that being said, I would NOT recommend painting. It is a monster job to make it look good. And, I will say it because everyone else is too nice...Finish your kitchen first!

See you Sat. for a little time with TC?

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Noodle!! She sure is darling.

You have been missed sister! Come on out and play again! Now that my lil peanut has arrived, we are just waiting on Cutzi's new beebs!! Can't wait!!!!

PS I love painted trim :) But it is a buttload of work!!

Kat said...

Another slacker here! Finally checking in and seeing youve been busy busy busy!
My baby is 17 and Im finally loosing the weight so theres still time for you. lol!
I am not about to rush you on a backsplash decision since Im in the same boat.
Woodwork....I vote PAINT! lol...gotta run now lots to do!

Coastal Nest. said...