Thursday, May 28, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

I read a few of my favorite blogs today.

And I
still have 637 posts in my Google Reader to read.

I can't decide if the Google Reader is a good idea for me or not.
Because, I've gotta tell ya: I'm feeling a bit stressed knowing how behind I am on my blog reading.

I mean it could take DAYS of me doing nothing but blog reading to catch up.
Well, blog reading and eating.
I mean, really.
One needs a little 'snackie' when she reads, doesn't she?

I have some things to tell you. Where do I start? I'm not sure if I should start with the really impressive things or not.
I mean, I'm pretty cool and graceful.
And lucky.

Let's start with the really graceful stuff: I was having a FABULOUS morning last Sunday. I went for a nice little early morning walk with my best friend, iPod.
After iPod and I got back we brought some chairs in the front yard and sat in the sun and drank some coffee. It was nice.
Then I got the idea to go down to the newspaper box a couple of blocks down the street to get the Sunday paper.
With my coffee.
And iPod, of course. Can't go anywhere without my buddy. My pal.

We started down the block and iPod's earbud
shot out of my right ear and landed in my coffee.

Do you think iPod's getting sick of me? Is this his way of breaking up with me?

Maybe if I take Britney off of my playlist? Maybe that will help. Maybe he's just sick of Britney. Maybe he just thinks Britney has no place in a 39 year old woman's play list? I can change. I really can.

Another thing: Jon and Kate. What do you think of their situation?
And why do I feel the need to purchase every US or People weekly with Jon and Kate on the front??? I crave it. Why? WHYYY? I think I secretly see some of myself in Kate. I mean, I think every woman does. I understand some of her freak-outs yet she's so freaking mean sometimes.

Mother's Day: What did all of you Mommies do?

I asked for Zuddy and Noodle to go golfing with me:

It was Noodle's first time and Zuddy and I haven't golfed since -- get this -- I was
pregnant with Noodle!! We had a lot of fun. Until the 6th hole. Then Noodle got hungry and tired and we left. It was still fun and a perfect day.

Did I tell you about my new flooring for the kitchen? Did I?

I'm really excited about this. The owner of the company Zuddy works for bought the house next door to the office and then ripped anything good out of it and tore it down. Zuddy kept wanting to show me the place before it bit the dust, but I wasn't interested, quite frankly. I mean, the place was a total dump.

Well, one day I visited him at work and he dragged me over there. Yeah. It was a dump. But guess what? It had wood floors in the living room that nobody took! I asked Zuddy to rip out for me and put into my kitchen!

We have no idea what kind of wood they are....maybe pine. It's hard to tell because the wood is old-growth and has a tight grain. Anyway, here are a couple of planks as they look now:

I originally wanted some old-fashioned black and white linoleum, but - hey. Free floors.....know what I'm sayin'?

Besides, I could do something like this:

(Photo: Cottage Living)

Couldn't I?

I don't know. Could I?
I mean, seriously.
Look what I did with my iPod earbud. I don't really think I can be trusted with some gel stain and painter's tape, can I ?


Cutzi said...

Yah! Sweet score on the floors. My guess is fir. It's gonna look great Martz. Toward the very end of our to-dos on the house is to refinish the fir in the kitchen to match the rest of the house.

Too bad Justin's not there to help Zuddy install it. Wouldn't that be fun? We could just stand there drinking mojitos and directing...

Michelle said...

I guess that's just your iPod's way of saying it's just not that into you. Ha! Get it? "Into you"? Well, I find myself very amusing.

I love the wood for the kitchen!

Catholic Runner said...

Jon and Kate are a train wreck!

Amy said...

Love, love, love the recycled floor! I think it would look great painted/stained in the diamond pattern.

What a fun day out with Noodle and Zuddy!

Suzy said...

I'm with you on the Britney. I have the same *problem.* It's a love/hate relationship. Same with Kate. Poor Kate. Poor Britney. Poor SUZY!!

Kari said...

I have Britney on my ipod, too. My sixteen year old son thinks it's ridiculous, LOL!

I feel bad for Jon and Kate but I'm a nosey-celebrity-gossip-lovin' person so I keep watching and reading.

The Mermaid Cottage said...

I missed you!

Coastal Nest. said...

Uhhhh, yes. You can totally do it, Fartster. You know you can!

Martha said...


You're right, sister! It IS fir! And come on over with Justin and the kids...I've got mint in the garden for our drinkies!

Guess what? I find you very amusing too! And sweet and adorable, too!

Suzy, you are a crack-up, per usual :)

Thanks everyone! Nice to hear from you all!