Friday, May 29, 2009

WHAT??? Another Post?


Is this going to be a habit? Daily posting?

Don't worry. Probably not.

I just wanted to tell you something.

I found a pair of headphones for iPod.
Even if he's just not that into me? He's coming on a walk with me, Dammit.

Because I need me some Justin Timberlake to make it up this hill:

After my walk? I'm going to start sanding this ugly garage:

Zuddy did the side on the right with the window last weekend. It took him a whole day to sand it. He really stuck with it and he even got it primed.

So the least I could do is sand this side:

I have to get this done today so I can go to my friend Michelle's naughty adult toy party tonight.

Have you been to one of those?
I have not.

But I hear there's going to be pomegranate martinis there. And mango margaritas.
So I'm going.

And Michelle will keep filling up my glass because she likes to laugh at me when I start getting tipsy and spilling drinks. Because that's what I do. It's the first sign I've had too much to drink.

I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.


Michelle said...

It looks like Zud took the easy side of the garage, so I wouldn't say sanding the huge, tall side of the garage is the least you could do. I just want to make sure you get the requisite amount of appreciation.

Are you really going to be back tomorrow to tell us about the party? With pictures?? This could become a dangerous thing, this daily posting. It makes us realize how much we miss you when you're gone! Can't wait to hear about it!

Amy said...

Knock me over with a feather...two posts! I didn't expect one much less two. You rock! Actually, I went to your blog to link over to Cutzi's to see if that baby arrived yet. Cutzi, if you are reading, I'm outing myself, I'm lurking on your blog, I never comment but have been following your baby update!

Anyway Martha, two posts, what a treat! CC and I drove through your Elizabeth Hill Hood this morning after a trip to the eye doctor...but didn't see you and your BFF IPOD out walking.

Have fun tonight!

Suzy said...

That's a LOT of side to sand. Ouch.

Coastal Nest. said...

cant comment now, on floor, fainted from all the words typed here.broke typing finger...
be back tomorrow to read a new post or a few- from my girl!!!

Amongst The Oaks said...

Hey Martha,
Good to see these posts. Keep it up. We love your humor.

Martha said...

Awww, Aim!

Why didn't you stop over??