Thursday, June 4, 2009

Not Sure.....

Okay, I have some before and not-so-afters of my little hutch-moving extravaganza yesterday. I'm not sure about it. At first I liked it, but now I'm not sure.



I'm messing around with accessories. This will probably lead me to taking everything off the walls and re-arranging all wall hangings.

And then painting the walls and getting new window coverings.

And then inevitably painting the woodwork.

This is all because I had to make myself busy while waiting for little Xochi to make it into this world. Now we have 2 new sweet girls: Audry and Xochi!


Michelle said...

I like the afters. Keeping things closer to eye level when sitting makes it feel cozier.

Thirkellgirl said...

Oh, I like the afters. I like the table-scape (see, I've been reading decorating blogs for years now, I know the lingo) with the star on the hutch-bottom. What did you do with the cute little table that was near the window in the "before?"

Cutzi said...

It all looks adorable! And I love that little Xochi got a shout-out... and she's not even 48 hours old!!

Coastal Nest. said...

Auntie Fartster,
Your doing a great job with the moving of your "shat" as I like to call my treasures..keep going...take more photos and we will discuss again..
I CANNOT stand that I CANNOT squeeze these new little lives we have so luckily been a part of..what a great new life they both have ahead of them..
Auntie Leeeeeeees

Sarah said...

Oh! Look at you busy girl! I like the afters as well. Just keep playing with you "shat" as Lisa calls it, until you are happy.

Audry appreciates all your love and support, and how cute is that little Xochi!?

Daniela said...

Oohh, I vote after..really cute..and homey.

Just read about your doggie friend. I'm so sorry. I just lost one of my doggy babies the other day and am heartbroken.

I loved getting caught up on your blog. See ya soon.


Coastal Nest. said...

girlfriend..just came over to stalk need to take all the gorgeous red transferware out of that cupboard and gather it all together on that piece that you have the plate rack on..make a cute little set up, a collection looks great all together..
sorry.butting in..again.

Kim said...

I like the afters! And, Coastal Nest says that you have red transferware??? Well, that needs to come out of hiding, girly! :)

Thirkellgirl said...

AOHell just ate all my favorite places and I completely drew a blank on the name of your blog, which is ridiculous, I know, but still, I did, and I had to go to my browser history to find where I'd visited your site, in VAIN mind you, because you never update anymore. But you once were lost, and now you're found, and I'm happy. If you disappear I'll miss you, so post something soon!


I just came across your blog via Twice Remembered Cottage, anyway I thought I would tell you your home is adorable and give my two cents on the hutch, I have to say I like it better before, I know everyone say the after was better but I like the before, I think you need the heighth everything looks like the same level, hope you don't mind me giving my opinion, stop by for a visit sometime(;