Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This Job Stinks....

I haven't worked on the garage since last week. I got about 1/3 of the way done with this side. It's boring work. It's dirty work.

I'm trying to figure out how to arrange the Noodle's new book shelf to look cute enough to show my internets yet still hold practical items.

No matter. Noodle has other ideas:

This kid cracks me up! She is so much like her Daddy...rigging things up and using that big imagination of hers. We've been talking about hammocks lately and she decided that she was going to make one for her dolls.

I'm thinking about taking off the top of this hutch and placing it across the room. What do you think?


Sarah said...

I think Noodle and Molly would be fast friends. She is also a ghetto rigging type of girl. Her dollys are all suspended from various contraptions she rigs up in her room. Noodles was WAY more sophisticated, that's for sure.

Hutch? Try it, then take a picture so I can see.

XO, Fortner

Coastal Nest. said...

I ALSO have a rigger, shes a little smaller than yours, but she loves to use her mad skilz to do a little change up to things..Im sure its the chick in her, ha..

I would totally take that top off that hutch, like yesterday, where you going to put it? Are you goingto fill it with all you 1500 precious moments figurines? oy...kiddingmart...I hope you dont have any of those...(okay, maybe one)
Dont you have a little neighborboy that could use a job this summer? He could certainly at least help with the scraping...In witch you are giving me a glimpse into my future..this me rhonda..dont wanna!!
xo, McElliott

Catholic Runner said...

Like the hutch idea.

Much to my dismay,my daughter always has her own decorating ideas too.

Michelle said...

I like Lisa's idea of enlisting underpaid child labor to paint the garage. Seriously, part-time jobs are so scarce that I'm sure you wouldn't have trouble finding a high school or college student to come do some sanding. You could try posting the job on Craigslist.

Stephanie said...

The hammock is hilarious - very creative, Noodle!