Monday, October 12, 2009

House Flip!

Guess what?

One of the houses that I've put on this blog has been flipped!!

Oooo, this is so much fun! Now you get to see what was done to it!

Ready? Oohh-KAY!
(I was a cheerleader in HS...and not the good kind that does impressive flips...I just stood there, ignored the game, clapped, gossiped and applied lip gloss. Hey - at least I'm honest about it. Don't judge.)

Okay, first of all, I showed this one as a fixer-upper here. The asking price was 164k.
This was last December. Well, it's been on the market for a couple of months (I think...I saw it a while ago and just got around to posting about it today.) and now the price is 232k. Still low, but what they've done to the kitchen. Oh boy.

I think whoever did the kitchen is from 1992. I think they hopped out of the Way-Back Machine, worked on the kitchen and went back to 1992. You'll see in a second.

So here's the before photo of the front:

And the after.

Much better, don't you think?

The living room before:

And after....

Okay, here it is. The kitchen, before:

And after.

See what I mean? 1992.

Here's another shot:

I'm really sad about it.

Here's the rear of the house before:

And after....sorry, I can't seem to make this image larger. But you can see they've moved the door and removed a couple of windows.

Tell me what you think, Internets!

By the way? Snowing again today! I'll take a photo and post it later.


Kim said...

Snowing! Is that typical before Halloween?

As far as that kitchen goes, its a tragedy! What were they thinking after they did such a great job with the rest of the place???

Cutzi said...

Enjoy the snow for me!

Oh that poor, poor kitchen.... and it would have been so easy to make totally cute. Why not just white cabinets, plain painted walls and something-other-than-hunter-green countertops??? It would have been SO EASY!!

Jodi said...


What in the world were they thinking?!

Ann said...

That kitchen is a complete disappointment!!!

Stephanie said...

Whoa. I seriously hope they had that wallpaper and countertop material tucked away in a storage unit somewhere because otherwise, YOU CAN STILL BUY THAT STUFF SOMEWHERE!

Michelle said...

That kitchen is tragic. It's sad that they put time and money into making it look like that. I kind of liked the vintage charm of the "before" kitchen. I certainly would rather see that than the cheap re-do they attempted.

As for the front, it looks a lot better, but I think it's mostly due to the camera angle. They've replaced the roof, some windows, and the brick around the front door. But the biggest improvement was made by taking the photo from a different angle, cropping out the retaining wall and the feeling that the house is right next to a huge, grey apartment building. Kind of makes you wonder what the realtor was thinking with the first photo.

Janelle said...

Wow, the exterior shot is just amazing. Not only a great re-do, but the "after" picture is from SUCH a better angle, too.

That kitchen just makes me sad, though.

Thirkellgirl said...

What a shame. It would have been just as easy to do a great job on the kitchen as that horrid job. Wallpaper? Really? Do you think it's worth $230+ now? Darned if I'd pay that.

Gordostyle said...

You are frickin' kiddin' me! Who are these people that did this to that kitchen? That is TERRIBLE!!!! Nut cakes!

Daniela said...

Ohh, that wallpaper in the kitchen has got to go..Maybe you should call them and let them know that I HATE the wallpaper. I give it 1.0 out of 10.0. Bad Bad kitchen.

SNOW? Wow, we don't usually see snow until November..I love snow..I'm a little jealous over here.

Sarah said...

What were they thinking? UGH. Puke-a-torium.

SeaWorthy said...

Puke-a-torium and total GAG-A-TRONIC!

people with no taste shouldnt flip.
end of convo.

How could you get rid of that total cuteness and put in that ticky tacky green garage sale counter top..and that wallpaper? FARKIN-A!
total whatever...
now lets talk cheerleading....

House things I like said...

What could they have been thinking on the kitchen? Gack.