Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Noodle's Room

Because I feel it's important to have no less than 12 unfinished home improvement projects at any time, I've started making over the office/playroom into Noodles new bedroom.

 Not only are we painting the walls, but I'm kicking off the painting of ALL of the woodwork in our entire house here in her new bedroom.

The trim is Swiss Coffee by Behr, and the sashes are Seal by Martha Stewart (I think).  Noodle wants her room blue, so we're checking out some swatches:


Cutzi said...

It's gonna be great! I would definitely check out Silver Sage by Restoration Hardware. It's more of a blue... and so beautiful. Are those ones Martha Stewart?

Janelle said...

Oh dear God, I saw the blue masking tape and my stomach clenched! Better you than me, my friend! I HATE to paint!

I think blue is the absolute trickiest color out there. So hard to get it not too light, not too dark, not too gray, not too green, etc, etc.

Martha said...

Okay, Cutz, I'll do it. I'll go and get a Silver Sage sample
Noodle wants the blue on the top (in the very last photo). I'm not a fan of that one, I must say...but at some point I need to quit controlling everything, don't I?? Most of the colors showing ARE the Martha Stewart line, you painting FREAK!

I LOVE to paint! I just hate all of the mess and upheaval it creates. I'll come over to your house and paint if you come over here and put everything away for me :)

house things said...

I like the dark sashes.

Enjoy the project. I was looking at Martha swatches at Home Depot yesterday and thinking of creating another unfinished project around here. For consistency. So that I can get more upset when I look around the house.

Kim said...

Be happy that she wants a nice blue (any of those fit in that catagory IMHO) rather than Barbie pink, my child's current wish :)

Incidentally, I feel your pain. I recently counted & we have 4 active (as in "gotta get them done in the next month before people come over for the holidays") projects going on in the house. Fun.

MJ said...

Don't give up your control. This is how I ended up with a Pepto pink room. Now it's a pretty pear color but the memory remains. My bedroom has always been blue and I've always loved it. I recently repainted it in a shade with just a bit more grey and I love it even more. F. can't see the difference.

Cutzi said...

Baaahaha! I am a painting freak. I have not had to pain in a while though - I think I'm having withdrawals. I don't even want to mention to Justin that I've considered painting everything white.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed you're doing the painting yourself. I end up doing more damage when I try to do the painting myself. It'll be great!

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