Sunday, September 23, 2012


Well, I'm not at all opposed to jumping on a bandwagon.....and if I were working more, this is the one I'd hop right on: 

Karastan  Aberdale Antelope Carpeting
 I would kill for rug made out of this.  Wouldn't it look great in my soon to be painted living room?  

I could get some fun pillows for the sofa.......pillows that would surely end up in a heap on the floor, but still.  I need to figure out some new window treatments, too.  I don't want to spend much because who knows how long I'll be able to stand them?

Anyhoo, I digress...the rug.  I saw on My Favorite and My Best 
that it costs $5.85/sq. foot.  Ouch. I guess its better than what the Stark Antelope carpeting costs.  Someone commented on this post that they thought the Stark would cost at least $100/sq. foot. 

What the WHAT?!?

via google imagaes
Well, now I'm just sad.  That would be about 10k for an 8x10 rug (but you'd have to buy and 8x12 piece).  By the way, the wall color in the photo above is pretty much exactly what I'm planning on for my living room...dang, that's a cute room, isn't it?

Okay, then.  I've started painting the bathroom woodwork and I've been really slacking on painting the doors.  BUT?  I've painted the walls in the hallway, which I will show you later this week.  

Or sooner.  

Or later.


Kim @ Vintage Pretties said...

You are a painting machine recently!

Gina said...

That's a beautiful rug, but I could never imagine spending that much money on a rug. Wow! I think I would want to kill the person who walked on it with their dirty shoes!

Thirkellgirl said...

I just saw antelope somewhere in the last couple weeks and my first thought was "I love it!" and my second one was "but it's way too expensive for a trend." If you find pillows somewhere let us know. I like that wall color. You aren't a wooden/rattan shade person, are you? I think that could look very good in your room.

Michelle said...

The antelope rug doesn't do it for me, personally, but I think it would look great in your living room! said...